The City is web-based software that takes a church like Watermark that has members spread over a wide area, to a place where we can communicate, connect, help, learn, and grow.

We strongly encourage everyone of our attendees to sign up, and here’s why: The City will quickly become the main channel for church-wide and group-specific communication, so opting out of The City would be opting out of staying connected to what is happening around the church.


Easily Follow Up With New Friends: When you meet a new friend at church but don’t have their contact info, find them on The City. Search by first name, find their photo, click, and send a message.

Update Everyone At Once: There’s no need to find email addresses for everyone in your House Church or ministry team; simply post your comment, event, prayer request or need in the appropriate group.

Find Opportunities To Serve At Watermark: Respond to serving opportunities posted by leaders in the church, and list your skills so that others can find you when they have a specific need.

Find A Local House Church: Search for House Churches in your neighborhood using The City’s group mapping tool.

Get More Involved In Church Life: Know what’s going on throughout the church and get involved.

Customizable Email Notifications: Stay informed without having to log in to The City, but also without being inundated with emails. You choose how many emails you get.

Connect Your Church Community And Your Friends Outside of Church: The City offers tools to use Facebook and Twitter to connect with your non-Watermark friends with events, community needs, status updates, and more.