Cosmic Hierarchy - “The Undoing of Creation” (19 Page Essay)

Pastor Tommy has written an essay on the Cosmic Hierarchy, titled “The Undoing of Creation.”

"It has become common-place in the modern evangelical church to tell the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and navigate our way through the story of creation, fall, Israel, prophecy, Messiah and Church without so much as a mention of a king and a kingdom. And if it is mentioned, the phrase “Kingdom of God” tends to become synonymous with a post-mortem existence in the clouds that is seemingly plucked from the mind of Plato. But for the ancient Jewish people, from their inception all the way up until the second temple period and indeed well into the first few centuries of the Christian church, to tell the story of God without talking about a King and a Kingdom would have been unheard of”

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