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9am + 11am | childcare available at both services


what to expect

Sunday morning gatherings | 9am + 11am

Every Sunday we come together to worship our Lord Jesus Christ.  A typical Sunday begins with worship music, often original songs from our Pastor Tommy Phillips. A short break between worship and our weekly sermon allows attendees to visit with each other and grab a donut and some coffee.  At Watermark, we don’t pass an offering plate; instead we have an offering box that we invite attendees to contribute to during this time.  Most Sundays, Tommy then leads us, the congregation, in a time of study.  Sermons are accompanied by presentation slides that facilitate communication and provide an outline of the message.  After the sermon, we enjoy communion together as a church body.  We enjoy communion every Sunday.

family room

Every Sunday we will have a family room open for families to sit in. We have a changing station, nursing area and a few toys. We will also live stream the service in the family room for those families to not miss the service. Please feel free to use this room before, during or after any service.

prayer room

If you are ever in need of prayer on a Sunday morning we have a prayer room open with a couple volunteers there to pray for you. You are also welcome to go to the prayer room and pray individually. We also meet in the prayer room every Sunday at 10:30AM for a group prayer.

Lectio Divina | 10:30AM

This is a weekly gathering on Sunday morning where we take part in the ancient practice of Lectio Divina (Latin for Divine or Sacred Reading), which has a rich history developed by those in the monastic tradition over a thousand years ago. At Watermark, this will be a time set apart as a community to engage the Bible, by reading, meditating, praying and contemplating the scriptures. The focus isn't on studying the scriptures to increase biblical knowledge but rather to come together as a community and to engage the Scriptures and to be silent before God.

We will read entire books of the Bible together as a community. This will start on October 13th and we will meet at the YACC (parsonage) and practice this ancient form of Sacred Reading and communion from 10:30 to 11 AM. We will start with the Gospel of Luke and then Acts. If you are interested, please email Sam Lee.

worship music

We have created a Spotify playlist called 'Watermark Tampa' with some of the songs we sing on Sunday mornings. We will continue to add more songs weekly.