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9am + 11am | childcare available at both services


what to expect

Sunday morning gatherings | 9am + 11am

Every Sunday we come together to worship our Lord Jesus Christ.  A typical Sunday begins with worship music, often original songs from our Pastor Tommy Phillips. A short break between worship and our weekly sermon allows attendees to visit with each other and grab a donut and some coffee.  At Watermark, we don’t pass an offering plate; instead we have an offering box that we invite attendees to contribute to during this time.  Most Sundays, Tommy then leads us, the congregation, in a time of study.  Sermons are accompanied by presentation slides that facilitate communication and provide an outline of the message.  After the sermon, we enjoy communion together as a church body.  We enjoy communion every Sunday.

worship music

We have created a Spotify playlist called 'Watermark Tampa' with some of the songs we sing on Sunday mornings. We will continue to add more songs weekly.