House church Locations

Watermark House Churches are small community gatherings throughout the Tampa Bay area.  They are Watermark's version of small groups. 

If you are looking for a way to be more connected with Watermark or desiring a more personal relationship with those at the church, House Churches are the place to start. 


20 somethings

Tuesdays, Starting September 4th, @ 7pm
@ 510 E Frierson Ave
Tampa, FL 33603

Facilitated by Matt Mercurio, Shane Shackleford + Courtney Beale
Contact Matt @ 941-356-4858 or email
Contact Shane @ 321-704-5544 or email
Contact Courtney @ 813-753-8157 or email
Study: Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters by N.T. Wright
Currently no childcare


married couples

Every other Saturday, Starting September 8th, @ 7pm
@ the Thomas Home
702 E Caracas St
Tampa FL 33603

Facilitated by John + Kim Thomas
Contact John @ 813-326-1601 or email
Study: Sermon Series & Marriage
Currently no childcare


Lowry park central

Tuesdays, Starting August 28th, @ 7pm
@ the home of David Murphy
7013 N Willow Ave
Tampa, FL 33604

Facilitated by David Murphy + Kate Cameron
Contact David @ 205-746-9135 or email
Contact Kate @ 813-480-1975 or email
Study: 1 & 2 Thessalonians
Currently no childcare



Tuesdays, Starting September 4th, @ 7:30pm
@ the Allen Home
5113 N Branch Ave
Tampa FL 33603

Facilitated by Travis + Lexi Allen
Contact Travis @ 904-982-0980 or email
Study: Sermon Series
Currently no childcare


high school

Every other Tuesday, Starting August 21st, 6:30PM-8PM
@ the Watermark Counseling Center (Parsonage)
6608 N Central Ave
Tampa FL 33604

Facilitated by
Dallas + Ali Herndon and Ryan + Tiffany Obenreder
Contact The Herdon's Email or The Obenreder's Email
Study: Sermon Series  



Every other Tuesday, Starting September 4th, @ 7pm
@ the Mitchell home
11643 Tangle Stone Dr.
Gibsonton, FL 33534

Facilitated by Mickey Holm
Contact Mickey @ 813-485-4244 or email
Study: Sermon Series
Child care provided



Wednesdays, Starting August 29th, @ 6:30PM
@ the DiMaggio home
1137 15th St N
St. Pete, FL 33705

Facilitated by Jared + LaurieBeth Dimaggio
Contact Jared @ 727-742-8853 or Email
Study: Sin of Certainty by Peter Enns
Childcare provided




Thursdays, Starting August 30th, @ 7pm
@ the home of Emily Carlisle
3606 N Dartmouth Ave
Tampa FL 33603

Facilitated by Emily Carlisle
Contact Emily @ 813-785-3559 or email
Study: Sermon Series
Currently no childcare