House church Locations

Watermark House Churches are small community gatherings throughout the Tampa Bay area.  They are Watermark's version of small groups. 

If you are looking for a way to be more connected with Watermark or desiring a more personal relationship with those at the church, House Churches are the place to start. 

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20 somethings

Tuesdays, Starting August 20th, @ 7pm
@ the Staudinger Home
5905 N 20th St.
Tampa, FL 33610

Led by Matt Mercurio + Albert Staudinger
Contact Matt @ 941-356-4858 or email
Contact Albert @ 863-289-2292 or email
Study: James
Currently no childcare

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married couples

Every other Saturday, Starting August 24th, @ 7pm
@ the Thomas Home
702 E Caracas St
Tampa FL 33603

Led by John + Kim Thomas
Contact John @ 813-326-1601
or email
Study: Marriage topics + Sermon Series
Currently no childcare

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south seminole heights

Tuesdays, Starting August 13th, @ 7pm
@ the home of Kate Cameron
814 Riverbrook Court #201
Tampa, FL 33603

Led by Kate Cameron
Contact Kate @ 813-480-1975
or email
Study: The Blue Parakeet
Currently no childcare

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Every other Tuesday, Starting August 20th, @ 7pm
@ the Watermark Youth + Counseling Center (Parsonage)
402 E Lambright St
Tampa FL 33604

Led by AJ + Susan Young
Contact AJ @ 813-753-9475
or email
Study: “How the Bible Actually Works” by Pete Enns
Childcare provided

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high school

Contact Leaders for meeting time
@ the Watermark Youth + Counseling Center (Parsonage)
402 E Lambright St
Tampa FL 33604

Led by Zach + Hefziba Wolfram, Michael Mobley + Helen Skinner
Contact Zach @ 727-244-6655 or Email
Contact Helen @ 904-571-2126 or Email
Study: Sermon Series

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northeast tampa

Meeting 1st+3rd Saturdays, Starting August 31st @ 7PM
5th Saturdays will be a potluck
@ the home of Angela Brenneman
1604 E Annie St
Tampa, FL 33612

Led by Angela Brenneman
Contact Angela @ 813-382-4159 or Email
Study: Original Blessing by Danielle Shroyer
Currently no childcare

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town + country

Tuesdays, Starting August 13th, @ 7:30pm
@ the Ward home
4603 N 20th St.
Tampa FL 33610

Led by Ryan + Paolo Ward
Contact Paolo @ 727-515-6274 or email
Contact Ryan @ 813-375-2237
Study: Sermon Series
Currently no childcare, but children always welcomed!

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Thursdays, Starting August 22nd, @ 6:30PM
(Off Last Thursday of each Month)
@ the DiMaggio home
1137 15th St N
St. Pete, FL 33705

Led by Jared + LaurieBeth DiMaggio
Contact Jared @ 727-742-8853 or Email
Study: Sermon Series
Childcare provided 

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Young women (ages 13-19)

Every other Sunday, Starting at August 18th, @ 6PM
@ the home of Heather Widmer
3607 E Paris St 
Tampa FL 33610

Led by Heather Widmer + Jennifer McFarlin
Contact Heather @ 727-504-9479
or Email
Study: TBD

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wesley chapel

Every other Thursday, Starting August 15th, @ 7:30PM
@ the Enfinger home
8625 Quail Run Drive
Wesley Chapel FL 33544

Led by Adam + Coryn Enfinger
Contact Coryn @ 813-382-0674
or email
Study: Sermon Series
Currently no childcare

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seminole heights

Tuesdays, Starting August 13th, @ 7:30pm
@ the Ross’ home
120 W Jean Street
Tampa FL 33604

Led by David & Joanna Ross
Contact David @ 813-753-8196 or Email
Contact Joanna @ 813-380-3187 or Email
Study: Sermon Series
Currently no childcare

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married with children

Every Tuesday, Starting Oct 1st, @ 7PM

(Men will meet one week and the Ladies will meet the following week and will alternate for 4 weeks. Every 5th week will be a family event. The first meeting on the Oct. 1st will be Men's Group. This format is done so that families with children can still participate at a house church)

@ the Obenreder's home
9303 Cobalt Dr.
Riverview 33578

Led by Tiffany + Ryan Obenreder
Contact Ryan @ 727-457-2752
Contact Tiffany @ 727-698-5880
or Email
Women's Study: Following King Jesus by Scot McKnight + Becky Castle Miller
Men's Study: TBD