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Baptism Service

Our Baptism service will be held on Sunday, October 27th in both the 9AM and 11AM services.

If you would like to be baptized during our Baptism service, sign up below.

A note from Tommy:

Baptism is a new start. It is a declaration and an affirmation of what the Gospel says to us all, that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like it is today. It is a public and outward display of what is going on in your heart. When we enter into the waters, we bring with us all of the weight of the decisions that we have made, the sins we have committed, the ways that we have not lived up to what God declared us to be. We stand in the water and declare that Jesus was right, that his message of grace has set us free and saved us from all that has enslaved us. We plunge into the water and are ritually cleansed. We raise up out of the waters as if we had been given a fresh new start. All who are standing around are witnesses to our public profession of faith through baptism will no longer view us as we were before. Our old self remains dead, under those ripples and waves. Our past offenses are no longer brought up. Our old habits and ways are now fresh battles that the community of Jesus will help you fight. You are seen as a new creation, with new direction and new purpose. 

     Baptism is for all those who are done with their old ways, their old life, their old purposeless rituals. We come together and witness this new start, and celebrate with you. We also commit ourselves to your healing, and your growing in the gospel. Just as the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is our hope for all the world and mankind, so baptism is the declaration that we are likening ourselves to him, and we desire to be born again to a new and living hope.

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