Counseling Center

The Watermark Counseling Center provides counseling services of various types. Below is a description of the Vision, Process and Scope of the ministry. You can download the application form and income information form here and once filled out, you can email them to 

If you are in crisis and need immediate attention please call 211.



The gospel is not just a means of reconciling the soul to God, it is also the message that God is, and will, reconcile all things to Himself and He is using the church to accomplish this reconciliation. At the center of a human being and how they interact with God and others are the processes of the mind. The mind is a beloved part of Gods creation that He wants to bring under the healing touch of his own hand. Being the body of Christ, we have a special part to play in this world. The ears can listen and identify the sources of pain. The mouth can speak words of truth and encouragement that lead to a right view of self. While we recognize the ability of the Spiritual Elders in the church to speak of the soul and its needs, we also recognize the ability of the mental health professional to do the same for the mind. Therefore, the purpose of Watermark Counseling Center will be for the Spiritual leaders to join with the Mental Health Professionals in our community to feed and nourish both the soul and the mind. We aim to create a space within the facilities of Watermark Church where counseling can be done. In doing so, we confirm that no one member of the body has all of the answers, and we seek to share the burden of ministry with those among us who are gifted, trained, and able to bare this burden of the ministry alongside of us.



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Scope of ministry

While we are starting small, with just one or two counselors, we would like to have counselors from every area of mental health join us. The life experiences that modern church attendees face are vast, and we would like to have a wide breadth of care available to meet the need and to help people prepare for every facet of life with all of its joys and pains, from childhood, to pre-marriage or divorce counseling, to substance abuse and grief care.

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